All Seniors
For financial aid, you will need to complete the FAFSA

Due to the high volume of requests, the office needs 10 days to process requests for transcripts and letters of recommendation for college enrollment.  Please request transcripts and college letters early.
We provide up to three transcripts at no charge.   Additional transcripts will be sent at a cost of $10 each.
Please email requests for transcripts and letter  to and include the college's admissions office address; supplying their admissions office fax number is also helpful.

​​​Provided on an individual basis upon request.  The charge for these are dependent upon the amount of details and time involved in writing and creating the documentation.  Some are quite lengthy and detailed while others are quite simple.  Accordingly, the charge will vary.  Simple letters and documents begin at  $25 each. 


All College-bound high school students should take the ACT and/or SAT. These tests are used to determine qualifications for Tennessee Lottery Scholarship. Colleges may also use these scores as tools in awarding certain scholarships. Students may test up to 12 times with the highest score taking precedence over all others.

New Hope Academy of Tennessee's SCHOOL CODE is  430-141.  Please be sure to use that code for us to receive a copy of your test results. 

ACT - Science & English usage -- ACT Link
SAT - History & Literature       -- SAT Link
Both ACT and SAT focus on the same math concepts.

Choosing a College Professor

Many students taking college classes have used in choosing professors. We cannot say this information is completely accurate but have noticed that when many students have "rated" a professor with a strong consistency in ratings it seems to provide information that is often useful for potential students.

We are not endorsing this system of professor ratings, but we realize that quite a few students use the website and wanted to make the information available for those who choose to utilize it
It may take 10-14 days to print diplomas.
(Reports submitted in July may delay receipt of diploma for up to three weeks)

​All grade and attendance reports MUST be turned in before a diploma can be printed.
All parents of seniors MUST submit reports and testing by June 30. This is a hard deadline that cannot be extended. ​
     Summer graduates deadline is an absolute hard date of July 30.  
​If reports are not submitted on time, the student will have to enroll for another school year in order to graduate.   
          (Consequences for seniors of turning in reports after the July 30 deadline are as follows: student will be required to enroll for the new school year, pay enrollment fees, meet any additional graduation requirement of the new school year, as the student would no longer qualify as a graduate of the spring or summer of the previous school year.)
          (Graduation date is listed as the date the school receives the final documentation to include final attendance report and and testing score.  It is vital that parents and students stick to the dates as there is no waiver  for missing the June 30 deadline.)

• The diploma will be mailed along with three transcripts. It can be picked up during office hours if arrangements are made in advance. 

• NO diplomas are given out at the graduation ceremony.

TESTING: -Seniors MUST test.
• They may take the ACT, SAT, or Stanford Achievement Test. Links to ACT and SAT are listed in the following text box on this web page.

• The Stanford may be taken at the school at a cost of $50 in February, March, or April; please email us at or call the school at (423) 279-9797 to schedule your test if this is the option you choose. ​ 

If a test was missed, please call the school immediately to discuss all test options.
TN Promise - website address is:
Seniors that are Tennessee residents and that intend to attend a community college may apply for the TN Promise to fund their college education. 
The deadline for enrollment is November 1

Please read the qualifications and apply early.