​Student Enrollment Forms

Thank you for allowing New Hope Academy to serve your education needs.  We hope to assist you and your student in achieving an enjoyable and productive education experience.
PDF Documents

Enrollment Form (Fillable PDF)

How to enroll a student

1.  Fill out an enrollment form.

Please fill the form(s) completely.  ​(If only one parent is available, fill in the information for that parent and leave the other blank.  

The enrollment form is a pdf fillable form.  Most computers have Adobe already installed.  If for some reason yours does not, you may download it at no charge.  

If you are using your cell phone, you may need to download this  ​​Adobe App     
2.  ​​Submit the enrollment form(s) to NHAenrollment@gmail.com 

3. We will send a Pay Pal invoice upon receipt of enrollment form(s).      ​​​​Payment may be made through Pay Pal, by check or cash.

​4. If we have questions, we will email for clarification.  


1, Click the Enrollment Form (Fillable PDF)
2. Click the download button in the upper right corner of your screen.
3. Open document with Adobe Reader or follow the bullets below.
     ​ * If you are using Google Chrome you may need to follow these instructions.
      * Right
 click on the document
      * Choose "Save As"
      *​ Name the document your student's name and the school year (IE.  Smith, John 2020)
      * Open File Explorer to the location you saved the file.
      * Right click on the document, "Smith, John 2020"
      * Scroll down to "Open with" and choose Acrobat Reader
4. Fill out both pages. 
      * Page one is student's personal and transfer information.
      * Page two is a list of materials or education program you plan to use.
​​5. Click the save button. (usually in the upper left corner)
      * Save in the same in the same location you saved previously.
6.  From your email, send the document as an attachment to NHAenrollment@gmail.com
​If you have any problems with the PDF form, you may print it off and fax or mail the documents as shown below.  For assistance, you may also email us at NHAenrollment@gmail.com

  • ​​Fax number: (423)239-9300.
  • Address: New Hope Academy of Tennessee, ​ 4924-C  Ft. Henry Dr., Kingsport, TN  37663.  

If using a smart phone or iPad, you may use this Adobe App​​ to turn the PDF document(s) into fillable document if your phone does not include an Adobe app. 
​After downloading the app, one will open the form, take a screenshot of it and fill it out.
​It may then be submitted as a picture to NHAenrollment@gmail.com