Fee Information
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Kindergarten - 8th Grade           $ 95.00  for the year   
                                                       ​(Re-enrollment: $10 discount when payment is received on or before June 30)

     Without high school credits

9th-12th Grades                           $ 120.00 for the year     (Also applies to 8th grade students receiving high school credits)
​                                                       ​(Re-enrollment: $10 discount when payment is received on or before June 30)


Max. Family Enrollment Fee      $ 250.00  for the year   
                                                       ​(Re-enrollment: $10 discount when payment is received on or before June 30)
     This does not include Tailored Plan
     This does not include Senior Fee
     Does not include online classes​

Senior Fee                                       $ 50.00    (Additional fee that applies to all seniors one time during the senior year.)
     ​   Updates to graduation checklist  
     ​   3 transcripts sent to colleges of choice upon ​written or emailed request
        Records update to make sure all requirements are met for student to graduate​  
        ​Diploma and Graduation Packet, which includes diploma and 4 transcripts.  Mailed upon completion of all requirements.                  ​​

Late Enrollment             There is an early enrollment discount when payment is made or before June 30.
    Tennessee requires all students be enrolled by the week school starts in the district of residence.  ​Those who re-enroll and make payment on or before June 30 receive an early enrollment discount. Failing to comply with Tennessee enrollment guidelines is a serious matter; thus, it is very important to enroll in or before the first week of August. ​​While we will accept late enrollments, those whose enrollments are not finalized on or before August 25 cannot be included on our required reports.  

Online Classes Fee: 
     ​There is a discount for families with multiple students taking our online classes.
     There is no need to purchase curriculum when using our online classes.
  • Christian-based
  • $75 per month (August-May) or $100 per month (October -May) - (Plus $25 set up fee the first month) Online classes monthly fee includes all academic classes (no charge per individual class) - no need to purchase curriculum
  • $50 per month for additional students in the same family. ($100 first month and $50 each month thereafter)
  • ​Available for grades 3rd through 12th
  • Offers 258 classes
  • ​​Auto-assigns all schoolwork and provides the student's calendar
  • Allows student to educate anytime during the school day, providing a flexible schedule​
  • Auto-grades 90% of the schoolwork (Generally takes parents about 1 hours per week to grade)
  • ​​Provides grade reports for student and parent
  • Shows parent the student's progress​
  • Aligns with Tennessee Standards (Virginia as well) to eliminate educational gaps ​​

​​Stanford Testing Fee                                $ 50.00    Click for more information
     Online test in NHAT office                          
     Score available day of testing
     February, March, and April
     Summer, late, or special circumstance testing ($100 - Available only if missed in Spring)​
     Private Testing - available for family or individual student ($100 for first student and $75 for each additional.)​​

Tailored Students - Advantage Program      Enrollment fee + Online classes are an additional $150 per month                      
     NHAT staff provides grading
     Monthly reports
     Oversight of student's progress
     This is a specific enrollment plan required only for special circumstances that include truancy and other issues.
     ​Other student may choose to enroll in this plan, which provides detailed oversight and accountability.      

Additional services​ and fees​ upon request:
ID Cards                                                                         Free upon request  - additional sets $10 
Basic graduation checklist for incoming freshmen        Free​​
Customized graduation checklist *                                $ 25.00    *Required for incoming students with credits.
Updates to graduation checklist                                     $ 25.00​ each
Updates to checklists for seniors                                    Free-included with senior fee
First diploma upon graduation                                       Free
  - Additional Diploma Fee                                            $ 25.00 each
Graduation packet (Diploma, 4 transcripts, etc.)           Free- included with senior fee
  - Replacement or additional graduation packets          $35 ​​​​ (Replacement set - 1 diploma and 4 transcripts)
First driver's permit form/letter                                      Free​
   - Additional permit forms                                           $ 15.00 each
Pre-graduation transcripts during senior year (3 free)   Free (3)
   - Each additional transcripts during senior year         $ 10.00 ​each additional
Post-graduation transcripts - (Included in grad. packet)Free​ (3 official, 1 unofficial)
   - Additional post-graduation transcripts                     $ 10.00 each or 3/$25.00
Common App service - per student                               $ 100.00 ​
Letters for college applications **                                (Min. $25+ Dependent on details and time requirements)
Letters for scholarships​​ **                                            (Min. $25+ Dependent on details and time requirements)

    ** Contact office for more information.