Instructions for using emailed reports and links:
1. Click the link that applies to your student to open the form. 
2. Click the download button in the upper right corner of your screen.
3. Open document with Adobe Reader or follow the bullets below.
   ​ * If you are using Google Chrome you may need to follow these instructions.
    * Right click on the document
    * Choose "Save As"
    *​ Name the document as "Report (Year Semester) Last, First Name
                  ​(IE. Report (2020-21 Fall) Smith, John )
    * Open File Explorer to the location you saved the file.
    * Right click on the document as you saved it.  (IE:  Report (2020-21 Fall) Smith, John)
    * Scroll down to "Open with" and choose Acrobat Reader
4. Fill in information.
    * Elementary and middle school students - grades only (percent form is preferred)
    * High school students - must include grades and credits per class (percent grade preferred)
                  (75 hours = 1/2 credit;   150 hours = 1 credit)​
​​5. Click the save button. (usually in the upper left corner)
    * Save in the same in the same location you saved previously. (Click the save button)
6. From your email, send the document as an attachment to ​

If you have problems attaching the form, you may view any of the following videos for instructions.  ​Gmail,    Yahoo,    Hotmail     

​If you have any problems with the PDF form, you may print it off and fax or mail the documents as shown below. For assistance, you may also email us at

       ​​Fax number: (423) 239-9300.
       Address:       New Hope Academy of Tennessee, ​ 4924-C Ft. Henry Dr., Kingsport, TN 37663.

If using a smart phone or iPad, you may use this Adobe App​​ to turn the PDF document(s) into fillable document if your phone does not include an Adobe app.
​After downloading the app, one will open the form, take a screenshot of it and fill it out.
​It may then be submitted as a picture to​​​
 Attendance Reports are due on the following dates: 
 Fall grades are due by:                   January 15
Spring grades are due by:                 June 15 
They may be submitted earlier than these dates. We welcome them as soon as students have completed the reporting term. Reports are added to student files in the order they are received.

​A confirmation receipt is sent ONLY to those who email their student's reports.    
Confirmation is not readily available for faxed or mailed reports.  
Submitting the attendance report on time helps to keep your student's records in good order.
Grade Reporting Documents
(PDF fillable forms)
Emailed reports receive an auto-receipt upon submission.

High School
(Only for students taking high school classes)
Classes must be named correctly to receive proper credit.
Please refer to your student's graduation checklist for proper names of each class.  

Elementary and Middle

(Kindergarten through 8th grades) 

Email completed documents to:
Attendance  Reports