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Tailored Enrollment Page

Tailored Enrollment is a specialized program for students that may not meet requirements for the Traditional Enrollment Plan.  It is a program that enables our staff to provide additional oversight as well as clear and documented educational information that each student on this plan may need.  Only a small minority of our students fit into this category. They are informed of the requirement to participate in this program for the first year of their enrollment.  If the student and parent(s) complies with the guidelines and completes the first year program, he or she may then moved to the Traditional Enrollment Plan the following year.

Students that qualify for Tailored Enrollment may have had any of the following issues in the past two years:  truancy, probation, have been arrested, drug or alcohol issues, suspension or expulsion from another school (this may include ISS, OSS, or alternative school), pregnancy, be the parent of a child, or be under DHS/CPS/Truancy Board investigation (This includes the student or parent).  Most students in this program are in 8th-12th grade; however, on occasion, a younger student may participate in a modified version of this plan. 

Tailored students must comply with the following requirements.
  • Sign agreement letter to follow the Tailored Plan guidelines.
  • Educate for a minimum of four hours each weekday (180 days per year, includes any attended days from previous school) 
  • Attend church or youth group each week and have the pastor, youth pastor or official sign the church-attendance document.  (The document is provided by NHAT and should be brought to Bible Class each month.)
  • Complete "31 Days" packet within 60 days of enrollment. (This is also provided by NHAT.)
  • Attend Bible Class at New Hope Academy of Tennessee each month (Dates listed below) (Bring signed church letters, daily grade reports, and all school work to class. ) (Check this webpage for any changes to class date during inclement weather or check the home page.)
  • Inform school staff of any changes including: new email address, phone number, address, guardianship, legal matters, etc.
  • Respond to emails sent from school staff​​​​ when appropriate.
  • Submit attendance reports in December and May.  (Click here for grade report link)
  • Re-enroll before August 1 of the next school year.   (Click here for enrollment link.)
Bible Class Dates are as follows:
Thursday,  October 5​

Thursday,  November 3 
Thursday,  December 1
Thursday,  January 5
Thursday,  February 2
Thursday,  March 2
Thursday,  April 6​​​​​​