​Student Enrollment Forms




Thank you for allowing New Hope Academy to serve your education needs.  We hope to assist you and your student in achieving an enjoyable and productive education experience.
Microsoft Word Documents
The following forms are fillable when using Microsoft Word 

​​​Enrollment Form
A curriculum list must be submitted within 15 days of enrollment.
High School - ​Curriculum List
K-8th Grade -Curriculum List

PDF Documents

Enrollment Form (PDF)
New students must fill out both pages;
Returning students need only the first page

 A curriculum list must be submitted within 15 days of enrollment.​​
High School - Curriculum List
 K-8th GradeCurriculum List​​​​ 
How to enroll a student

1.  Fill out an enrollment form.
          The first page must be filled out for every student.
          The second page is only required for new students.
Please fill the form(s) completely.  ​(If only one parent is available, fill in the information for that parent and leave the other blank.  If a 

There are two types of forms: Microsoft Office forms and PDF forms.

​Microsoft Office forms are fillable documents usable if Microsoft Office is installed as a computer program.
​The forms and directions are located in the first box below.​  

PDF forms are not fillable but may be printed off and filled out by hand. They become fillable when this ​​Adobe App is downloaded to a smart phone or iPad.  
​The forms and directions are located in the second box below.

2.  ​​Submit the enrollment form(s).

3. We will send a Pay Pal invoice upon receipt of enrollment form(s).      ​​​​Payment may be made through Pay Pal, by check or cash.

​4. If we have questions, we will email for clarification.  

1. Click the enrollment link above.
2. Open the file.
3. If a protected view message appears at the top of the document, 
    click "Enable Editing".  
4. Fill in all spaces to provide requested information​​. 
5. Af​ter completion, save the document for your records.
6. Email the form to us at NHAenrollment@gmail.com.​
    It may be emailed as a attachment or picture.​
7. The following links provide video instruction for attaching documents.​
Gmail YahooHotmail     ​
1. Click the Enrollment Form (PDF) link above.
2. Fill out the form(s) and submit them.

​​If filling out as a PDF, print off the form(s) and fill out by hand.
They may be emailed as a pictured to NHAenrollment@gmail.com
​They may be emailed as an attachment, scanned document, or screenshotto NHAenrollment@gmail.com.
​They may be faxed to (423)239-9300.
They may be mailed to New Hope Academy, 4924-C  Ft. Henry Dr., Kingsport, TN  37663.  

If using a smart phone or iPad, you may use this Adobe App​​ to turn the PDF document(s) into fillable documents.
​After downloading the app, one will open the form, take a screenshot of it and fill it out.
​It may then be submitted as a picture to NHAenrollment@gmail.com