Attendance and Grade Reports
Instructions for using emailed reports and links: 
  1. Click on the link that applies to your student. 
  2.  A window will open that asks if you want to save or open this file. Click open
  3. The page will be available as a Microsoft Word document. You may need to click on it. 
  4. A protected view message may appear at the top of the screen. If so, click on "Enable Editing". 
  5. You may now add the requested information by simply clicking on the space where information is needed and adding your text. (Please fill in all spaces.  If the parent's name, date, total of days for the reporting period, class names, grades, or credits (credits do not apply to elementary and most middle school students) are missing we cannot process the information.) 
  6. Upon completion save the document for your records. (Be sure to name and save it for easy access.)
  7. Open your email account. 
  8. Now, you must attach the completed document to an email and send it to   (Note: this is a different email address.  It is USED for report ONLY.)
  9. To learn how to make an attachment to an emailmail, you may click o any of the following lisnk for a video explanation.    Gmail,    Yahoo,    Hotmail     Learning to make an attachment is quite easy.  Even if you use a different email provider the links may be quite helpful.   I hope this is helpful.
 Attendance Reports are due on the following dates: 
 Fall grades are due by:                   January 15
Spring grades are due by:                 June 15 
They may be submitted earlier than these dates. We welcome them as soon as students have completed the reporting term. Reports are added to student files in the order they are received.

Confirmation of receipt of reoprts are ONLY availiable for those submitted electronically
​An emailed conformation is sent within one week of receiving emailed grade reports.
Confirmation is not readily available for faxed or mailed reports.  
Electronic Grade Reporting
(Microsoft Office Document)
Reports sent by email receive a confirmation 
within one week of submission.

High School
(Only for students taking high school classes)
Click Here to access required credits and proper names for classes.  Also, refer to the student's graduation checklist. 
Classes must be named correctly to receive proper credit.  ​ 

Elementary and Middle

(Kindergarten through 8th grades) 

Email completed documents to:
Non-Electronic Grade Reporting

This Adobe app makes these forms fillable.
You will need to download the app to your smart phone or iPad, take a screenshot of the form, fill it out, and email it to us at 

Click on the following links for  PDF report forms

​High School - PDF form    CLICK  HERE
​ Elementary and Middle - PDF form  CLICK HERE

(PDF forms may be printed off, filled out by hand, and submitted.)

New Hope Academy of Tennesseee
​ 4294 Ft. Henry Drive, Suite C
Kingsport, TN  37663​

Fax to:
(423) 239-9300
Drop-off at the office
Scan or take a picture of filled out document and email to:

Thank you for your providing this information. It ensures your student's records stay current in good order.